Vision Training And Positive Belief System

Winning Ways

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If you are serious about improving your skill as a hitter, fielder or pitcher.... 
If you want more productive and higher quality at bats and fielding percentage....
If  you want to get rid of negative thinking and develop a positive -can do attitude? 

If you answer yes then order your copy of Chris McKnights   BASEBALL VISION TRAINING dvd today!


My tools will take your skill and performance to the next level. If you answered no... then go play your XBOX game because you will get beat by the athlete that said yes!.

Vision Training Program  a Winning Ways will improve how you think and the way you "see" ,"read","recognise" and react!

Baseball Vision Training  is used by the Baltimore Orioles, Texas Rangers, Milwaukee Brewers and many other professional teams,schools, colleges and universities.

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Baseball and softball programs at major college and universities have seen amazing results from Vision Training tools. The best mechanics in the world mean NOTHING, if you can't see the ball! A great looking swing with all those great mechanics really won't matter. Great fielding mechanics mean nothing... if you can't see the ball! I have used the same drills and tools with my players over the last 17 years and have seen outstanding results! You will too!

Vision training and Winning Ways  teaches the eye and mind  to "see"  and "read" and "react"  in a split second. Think of it as learning to drive a car for the first time in during rush hour traffic ... there is much more to be aware of than just steering the car in order to be a safe driver and make it home!

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What Sets Chris McKnight's Baseball Vision Program apart from the others?

It WORKS...  that's what makes Coach McKnight's Baseball Vision Training Program stand apart from others! HRA/BVT is measurable--  follow the program instructions then measure the results! Coach McKnight has been a NCAA Coach, professional baseball manager and  professional baseball scout for over 26 years. Chris used these same drills and tools with his players to help his teams achieve conference championships, NCAA Championship tournements, and league leading batting and fielding stats.

The HRA/BVP is the only program that replicates actual hands-on game situations while providing players with crucial visual skill improvement. The BVP Program of tools and techniques can be structured as part of  practice, warm up at home or in the field.

Here is a small list of  the many users that get  "real" results: The Milwaukee Brewers, Baltimore Orioles, Angels, Texas Rangers, Mississippi State University, The TPX Top 96 College Coaches Clinics, Dowling College, Baylor University, The University at Buffalo, Upper Iowa University, Charleston Southern University Softball, Beloit College Baseball and Softball, Hitters SportsPlex, US Baseball Academy, Southern Maryland Baseball Camps,  B2B Baseball Academy, just to name a few. Join the growing ranks of players and programs that understand the importance of vision training. You will be amazed with the results! The use it becasue it WORKS!. Click here to start using it today to improve your performance!

McKnight & Pepitone  ESPN Radio

Coach McKnight w/ Yankee Great Joe Pepitone and McKnight at the ESPN Studio talking about Vision Training

No phony promises about  increasing your hitting average 100 points "over-night" or hitting 20 homeruns next week!,  Inquire here

BVT works to make you more productive because you get more productive and higher quality at bats and improve your vision skills. I developed it... my players used it and everyone that uses it correctly gets result!

Why Is Vision Training Important?


For Hitters
  • Help you "see" the rotation of the pitch, breaking ball hands back-fastball hands fast
  • Help with better contact, eliminate strike-outs
  • Help with hitting opposite field
  • Give you better knowledge of the hitting zone-balls and strikes
  • Able to focus in on release point
  • Make you a successful bunter
  • Increase your offensive production


For Pitchers
  • Fielding skills - The pitcher is the closest position player on the field beside the catcher. He has to see the ball coming off the bat to successfully field the ball or get out of the way on a liner.
  • Seeing and picking off runners
  • Focus and concentration - better location of your pitches
  • Give you better knowledge of the hitting zone-balls and strikes
  • Back up bases - know where to go-see the play developing


For Fielders
  • Seeing the ball into the glove
  • Get good reads on balls
  • Focusing on good throws
  • Reading the ball on cuts (especially if you are the catcher calling the cut plays)

Attention: College/High School Athletic Directors, Trainers & Coaches

See the information about our clinics - Your entire staff will benefit from our specialized vision program. It will be the clinic that they will talk about for months to come.