Lessons & Clinics for Teams, Leagues and Coaches

Why Take Lessons from Coach McKnight:

First you will have an opportunity to work with a performance enhancement coach who has had very successful experiences in professional, collegiate, travel baseball and softball. Chris has worked with over 3,000 players and many of his students have gone on to professional careers, gained college scholarships, and most important, gave the players the confidence to perform at optimal levels. All of his teams have hit .300 or better and his pro team led the league in batting avaerage!

A key component of his training program is Vision-Vision Training system.  You can’t hit what you can’t see and Chris will teach you the importance of using the Eye, Brain Hand to be a successful hitter and fielder. Using his innovative drills and tools he will help you achieve your goals.

Coach McKnight will provide you with:

1. A comprehensive Evaluation-including stance, timing, tracking, swing path

2. Drills to get you on the path to success-

3. Vision training evaluation and training

4. Mental training

5. A detailed plan of success

6. Access to VTS discounts

7. Recruiting assistance for my HS students

The individual instruction program will provide your child with self-confidence, accountability, having a role model and learn how to be a coachable player!



Don’t miss this opportunity to train with one of the top Hitting/Vision training coaches in the Country




The Program and 5 Keys for a Successful Hitter

A)      VISION TRAINING AND MENTAL PREPARATION- I teach players the mental preparation while on the bench and on deck circle. We review the all important aspects of vision training, such as pitchers release point, recognition zones for hitters, how to track a ball and understanding the strike zone and how to make pitchers throw you your pitch. Players will receive all four of my articles I have written for Collegiate Baseball regarding vision training and have an opportunity to train with the state of the art latest technology, including Strobe glasses and the Air Tee. The training is ongoing and is included in every lesson. Each player will receive a Vision training questionnaire to help guide the player and parent

B)      PROPER STANCE AND SET UP- I review the proper grip, stance and head position. We talk about having a good starting point to be successful hitter. I teach players what a good Rhythm is and what timing is. We then dive into my 5 step evaluation so each hitter can see what their strong and weak points are and how to correct them.

C)      THE LOAD/PREP STEP/STRIDE- I review the different mechanics from- no stride, ride and stride and prep step and the benefits and pitfalls of each. I work with-in the player’s strengths to utilize the best and most productive method. I focus on how important your core is in the development of the players swing and make sure the player is using the energy he/she creates properly. I talk about why a balanced swing is the best and where your feet and legs need to be at different points in the swing.

D)     HAND PATH AND HITTING ZONES- I review proper hand path to the ball-Key terms such as Knob to the ball-creating a level swing path to the ball, review situational hitting, How to hit the inside, outside and fastball over the plate, What counts are “hitters” counts, how to hit the breaking ball and how to hit with power. I also teach the often overlooked art of bunting and how a hitter can add 30-40 points to their average just by performing this skill.

E)      THE FINISH- I review the best way for each individual hitter to finish the swing-making sure the bat head is in the proper position at contact and beyond. I focus on the contact zone and making sure the hitter is swinging with optimal power-We review palm-up/palm down on contact and why this is a key ingredient to be a successful hitter. We also talk about our rotation and what keys we are looking for in our hips and feet on contact and after the ball has left your bat.