I stumbled upon Chris's program on the internet by happenstance. Curiosity would get the best of me. What led me to his sight was the simple fact that I have not heard of too many vision programs in general, not to mention one that is baseball specific. I was fortunate enough to play for 17 seasons at the highest level of baseball, but I was unfortunate because I did not discover this crucial development tool until after my career was over. Or is it-LOL I would say that the eyes hands down are the most neglected training by athletes. We work our entire bodies and minds but very few implement a work out regimen for the eyes. "You can't hit what you can't see" We all have heard this saying before and nothing could be truer. I feel that if you can see better that you will hit/field better. Chris's program enhances vision in a way that directly correlate to on field results. I use his program with my teams and at my camps and kids of all ages love it. The drills are fun and interactive plus they achieve higher levels of vision and focus. What else do you want from a training tool. I would suggest Chris's program to anyone who is serious about raising the level of their game whether it be baseball or any other sport that involves using your eyes. I use this program with my children and clients because I literally see results.

Sincerely, Desi Relaford 11 season Major League baseball Utilityman


"Chris McKnight has one of the top baseball vision training programs in the United States. He introduced easy to use drills and products that can make a big difference in your hitters. His talk in front of 600 coaches at our clinic last year was one of the highlights of a great event. I couldn't wait to get his ideas into our program."

Mark R. Fuller, Clinic Director, Wisconsin Baseball Coaches Association


" I use the Baseball Vision Program regularly in my training for all ages groups. For younger players, it is easy to implement in a practice setting and trains them to focus more on tracking the ball to contact. For more advanced players, the Vision Training Program  teaches the player the synchronization and timing of their eyes to hands to ball. It is very simple, if we see the ball better, we hit the ball better. The Baseball Vision Program is the best tool I have found to train our hitters  to track the ball better to get results on the field."

Brad Woodall, Former Major League Player and Owner of Woodall Baseball Training

 Coach Chris Mcknight has planted one of the best seeds baseball has to offer!
Vision Training!
Recognition of the ball, sending a signal to the brain, which fires the reaction process of the hands and body--it all has revolutionized the approach of a hitter!
As a former student and athlete of Coach McKnight's vision training has helped my career from the Little League level straight to Professional Ball!
I now use the training system when instructing my students, which has guaranteed results in Batting Average, reduction of Strikeouts and confidence!
"SEE it and hit it!"
Jordan Crystal

"Working with Chris in a baseball clinic setting, it's easy to see why he has had so much success. He creates a great setting for students to learn the game, adapting well and coaching the game to the appropriate level of each individual in attendance. Chris teaching brings out the next level in each player, from beginners to the very accomplished veterans of the game"

Ed Hearn, Former Professional Player, New York Mets, 1986 World Series


Dear Chris-Thanks Coach. Your hitting instruction and mentoring over the past couple of years has helped my son become a more efficent and more effective hitter. You helped teach him what to look for in the batters box and how to strategize about what pitches to lay off and what pitches to drive. That paid off in a successful senior high school season and attention from college coaches. The difference in his high school batting stats from his Jr to Sr year is dramatic: total hits 22 to 44, HRs 4 to 11, doubles 4 to 22, RBI's 21 to 44, slugging percentage .656 to .951 and batting average .393 to. 415. Thanks for helping him reach his objective of playing college baseball.

Grateful Dad


 " Chris's Vision training program and his tools have been a great asset for teaching players how to hit at our facility. Our facility is think-tank for baseball and we implement the best training out there with our players. If you want to reach your full potential, you need to start using Chris's products."

Marc Schoenfelt, Owner, B2B Baseball and Softball Academy


Dear Chris, Thanks for assisting with our West Madison Little League Coaches Clinic. I thought you did a fantastic job and the reviews I've received from the coaches have been great. Your experience at the highest levels of baseball comes through clearly, but the thing I like most is how you break everything down into simple basics that even a brand new coach can understand. That's a unique ability that many instructors dont have....Kudos!! We sure hope you will consider coming back for our 2012 coaching clinic.

Bill Batista, Executive Director, West Madison Little League


 "The most important thing with your hitting and fielding mechanics is your head.  If you can't see the ball, you can't hit or field the ball.
Chris McKnight's vision tools are great for any player training to improve their baseball skills.  The "Plastic Bat Rac" and "Ball in a Bottle" are both great for tracking the ball. They are both simple tools that can improve your eye hand coordination.  The "Click Stick" is also great for teaching the proper bat path to the ball when hitting.  I use all of these products with my hitters in my baseball academy on a daily basis.  I highly recommend purchasing these products." 

Al Roach -Owner of wedropbombs.com
Founder of Jersey State Bombers Baseball, Former Pro Player


The Bat Rac is a tool that can be very beneficial as far as teaching the proper swing path. It is the only tool I use other than a tee when working with hitters!

Kash Beauchamp
Former MLB #1 Draft Pick
Minor League Player/Manager
Founder of Wood Bat Mechanics


Coach McKnight-
Thanks to you and your staff that made camp such a great experience. The quality of instruction was off the charts and the kids had a great time too.

Regards, Chris Halligan

 Chris taught his baseball vision program to our 9-11 year old teams at our facility. Chris was tremendous and has a unique ability to keep our players attention and excitement throughout the training. From feedback from parents and players who attended the clinic, they really enjoyed it, and more importantly learned something new. I would highly recommend his program to anyone who is interested in improving hand eye coordination.

Sincerely, Terry Belken 

Coach McKnight,
I was one of the dads at camp this week. I can't tell you how much it means to me to have the life lessons I'm trying to teach my kids how to treat people reienforced by someone in a position of respect like you. As valuable as the coaching in becoming better ballplayers is, training in how to become a man is much more important. They pay attention to that stuff and it makes a real impact.

Thanks, Peter White

I first encountered Chris at a free coaches clinic just prior to the West Madison Little League season. Chris delivered a preseason address on coaching philosophy, techniques and planning. In all honesty I find many events like this unmoving and unproductive. But it took just minutes of Chris's honest, skillful and enthusiastic message for me to see this was a coach who brought something significant to our coaching community. His approach for young kids is built on the unifying belief that the foundation of making a really fine baseball player is love of the game. Enthusiasm is no great secret in coaching but it is often the most difficult skill to bring to the table with grace and Chris's obvious love of the game is infectious and meaningful. Win their hearts and they'll lead themselves.  Coaching is about a lot more than baseball. Its a shared moment with our children and their future, and we need coaches who aren't just sportsmen, but mentors and leaders. Chris has my highest personal recommendation!

Stephen Rose


 Coach McKnight's Baseball Vision Program helped me achieve my goals of playing professional baseball after college. His drills are designed to bring you to your next level in hitting.

Mark Teson, Former Profesional Baseball Player/ Current Hitting Coach


Coach McKnight always has his hitters preparded for every game. His vision program is an excellent tool for anyone who wants their batting average to soar. It's a no brainer, use it and you will see results.

Eric Hallenbeck Head Baseball Coach Garrett College


Chris's teams are always focused at the plate and in the field. They don't swing at balls out of the zone and always put up fantastic offensive numbers.

Paul Benim Head Baseball Coach Penn State-Erie NCAA Regional Participant

Chris asking the umpires opinion!